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      Products & Services
      Energy Service
      SMDERI focuses on distributed energy with natural gas, comprehensive application of biomass energy and recycling of industrial waste gas/heat. With the unique technology and the innovative business model, we provide a series services of design, engineering, maintenance and operation, investment and related technical consulting.

      Business Process
      Value excavation:
      Project development
      Information research
      Analysis of stakeholder needs
      Project economic analysis
      Value creation:
      Technical route determination
      - key equipment development
      - System optimization design
      Business model determination
      Project determination
      Value realization:

      Project construction
      Project operation

      Baoquanling 1×30MW biomass power plant project
      The project uses the local rich corn straw, rice straw, rice husk, wood and other agricultural and forestry waste as fuel direct combustion power generation, the combustion ash can also get from fertilizer incorporation.

      Annual power generation capacity of the project is about 2.2 hundred million kWh, the annual reduction of 180 thousand tons of carbon dioxide emissions, is conducive to improving the ecological environment and living environment.
      Funan 1×30MW biomass power plant project
      The capacity of the project is 1×30MW pumping unit, with 1×120T/H high temperature and high pressure boiler. In August 2016, the construction of the project is expected to be officially entered into the commercial operation phase.

      The project makes full use of the abundant local agricultural straw, forestry waste and other green energy as fuel for power generation, mainly including rice husk, wheat straw, corn stalk, sawdust, wood scraps, branches etc.. At the same time can be provided to the ash comprehensive utilization of chemical fertilizer plant as raw materials, the formation of biomass electricity chemical industry chain of circular economy.